CCES Devotionals: Depression

Psalms 42:11
Why are you downcast, O my soul? . . . Put your hope in God . . .

Depression is the "common cold of the mind". It jars us like an emotional whiplash. It's a flashing signal that something is wrong in a person's life or relationships. Depression is a natural response to some kind of real or perceived loss.

The first question a Christian often asks when they seek help for depression is "is depression a sin?" NO! Some of the Bible greats that suffered from depression are Moses, (Exodus 18), Elijah, (1 Kings 19), Jonah, (Jonah 4), and David (Psalms 69 and many others). If you study the lives of these men you will notice that all of them had not taken care of themselves physically. They were exhausted, without proper food and sleep. Emotionally they were afraid, or felt inferior to the job, or were angry with God for loving their enemies. God never condemned them. He sent someone to help them carry the load, or He made them get food and rest before he restored them.

The depressed person needs hope and continual reassurance. Many of David's Psalms begin in great depression but they end with "I will trust in God." Depression dims our perspective of how God is working in our lives. To win over depression a person will have to trust in God, change his/her thinking, learn to forgive themselves and others, and seek help. God can take this "dark night of the soul" and transform it into great spiritual growth and commitment.

Are you struggling with some depression? Have you experienced some losses that you haven't allowed yourself to admit and grieve? Pray for yourself and those you know with depression.

Go to the Bible and read: Psalms 34:17-22; 40:1-5; 69; Isaiah.43:1-7; 61:1-3.

By Elaine Olson

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