Undertanding and Teaching the Child Living with Domestic Violence: Children of Chaos, Confusion and Conflict (DVD)

Christian Counseling and Educational Services: Understanding and Teaching the Child Living with Domestic Violence VideoA mother crouches in fear while the father lines up all of their children and points a rifle at them. Surely one of them will tell who toppled the trashcans and left the mess behind his truck. Yesterday he chased Mom through the house wielding a knife in his hand. Domestic violence takes its toll on children who grow up under its shadow, but an understanding teacher can be a shelter in the time of storm. Listen as Dr. Ann Shorb tells you:
 - How to recognize children of domestic violence
 - Ways to equip and encourage them
 - How to offer safety to these youngsters
 - What you are required to do when you suspect domestic violence is occurring in the home of your student

Program Length: 44 minutes

Cost: $14.99