Questions You May Have About the Group . . .

1.  Why should I attend a group to deal with my past sexual abuse?
There is a specific feeling of mutual acceptance and support that comes from meeting with others who have experienced the same thing.  The feeling of aloneness is diminished, and in the safe environment of the group there is great opportunity for fellowship and encouragement.

2.  Will I have to tell my story?
That’s up to you.  You may disclose as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.  Within the group setting participation and discussion are encouraged, but no one is singled out to reveal more than they are comfortable sharing.

3.  Is my story safe?
Yes.  As with all of the counseling at CCES our staff guarantees complete confidentiality of all your information. (If, however, you communicate that you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, by law we are required to report that to the authorities.)  Due to the highly personal nature of the topic, we also ask each individual in the group to maintain complete confidentiality of all that is discussed during our sessions. Furthermore, only first names are used during the sessions to avoid any awkwardness that might arise otherwise.

4.  How many will be in the group?
The group will be limited to no more than six ladies so that each person has time to share and be heard, as she wishes. This also allows time to focus on individual needs.  Once the group begins, only those individuals who are registered for the group are allowed to attend the sessions.

5.  What’s the format of this group?
The sessions include prayer time where each lady can place her written requests in The Prayer Basket (names are optional).  Each participant receives her own personal copy of the Shelter from the Storm workbook and studies at home to complete the weekly lessons.  This book serves as the guide for the therapy class and for the discussions led by Heather Anne. The therapy class also incorporates a variety of other techniques: simple artistic activities, music, video clips, and an introduction to various resources. One lesson looks at a potter and his work and how it applies to our journey in life. Another lesson includes watching brief video clips and listening to a specific piece of music. Every lesson provides opportunity to find hope and healing for the body mind, and spirit.

6.  What’s the goal of this group?
Our desire is to provide you with guidance and tools that help you grow daily to be more like the Lord Jesus Christ and to find His peace, even beyond the time you spend in this group. Therefore, we address such topics as renewing your mind, healthy self-care, how to have a daily quiet time, stress management, relaxation techniques, and improving relationship skills. Each participant receives her own notebook to hold handouts, diagrams, and brochures that provide information, encouragement, and inspiration in these and other areas.

If you have a specific concern or question about the group please contact us.  Heather Anne will be glad to discuss it with you.  You can do that by phone at 717-630-2255 or by email: