Untangling the Stress Mess (DVD)

Christian Counseling and Educational Services: Untangling the Stress Mess VideoThis fun-filled seminar is just what the doctor ordered! Join Ann Shorb for an enjoyable program as she presents practical ways to handle life's stressful challenges. Ann will teach you relaxation exercises, strategies for de-stressing your life, and show you how to deepen your walk with Christ. You'll laugh as you learn, and come away with new insights and inspiration. This video is suitable for use at retreats and study groups.

Four Seminar Sessions On One DVD!

Part 1: Recognizing Strands of Stress, 29 Minutes
Part 2: Reweaving Twisted Threads, 38 Minutes
Part 3: Releasing Your Hold, 25 Minutes
Part 4: Resting in Jesus, 25 Minutes

Total Program Length: 117 minutes

Cost: $24.99

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