Bible Studies for Successful Living

A Word from Dr. Ann Shorb:

Miss Ruby seemed so tall as I stared up at her from the little wooden chair where I sat each Sunday morning. She stood faithfully week after week before that class of three-year- olds and taught us songs, and stories and verses from the Bible. Her pure white hair and her sweet angelic face are etched in my memory even now-more than fifty years later. But more importantly, the words she taught me are still imbedded in my heart.

I carried those words with me through childhood and adolescence. When I went to Africa as a missionary early in my adult life, it was the words that Miss Ruby taught me that quieted my fearful heart and comforted me in times of my loneliness. Even today when the trials of life seem overwhelming, it's as if Miss Ruby whispers in my mind, "What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee," Psalm 56:3.

I'll always be thankful for Miss Ruby. She, and many others along the way, gave me the gift of God's Word-a gift that has sustained me for a lifetime.

Today, as director of Christian Counseling and Educational Services, it is my heart's desire to show people how the Word of God can illuminate their path in life and help them deal with their problems. The Bible is true! It is alive! It is relevant for today!

Come join us for one of our studies, and learn for yourself how the Bible supplies direction, purpose and meaning to life.

-- Ann Shorb

A Ministry of CCES

Since it's beginning in 1997, Christian Counseling and Educational Services has offered weekly Bible study groups to share the truth of God's Word with individuals and couples. Dr. Ann Shorb, founder and director of CCES, is convinced that learning what God wants for you is the first step toward a happy and fulfilling life. Living these truths is the real key. Learning and living God's Word can change your life from the inside out.

Studies Are Held
Tuesday Mornings
9:30 to 11:00

At First Baptist Church
217 Fulton Street
Hanover PA 17331

The cost of the Bible study varies according to the cost of the materials used in that study.

No child care is provided.

Visit our Events Page for information on our current Bible Study.

Testimonials from some of our past Bible study participants:

"When I was recovering from an extended illness, your Bible study helped keep me going. One step at a time, God used it to help me get through those difficult days."

"Thank you for all of your vast insight and your joyful dedication to the Lord's service. I believe you have found God' purpose for your life and you are using it well to bless others. You have certainly blessed me with your gifts! Thank you so much for making yourself available to our community. You are part of God's plan for my life!"

"I thank God and praise Him for all He has done in my life. It all started about six years ago with your study on The Search for Significance. You'll never know how God has used you to help so many people. 'I thank God upon every remembrance of you'."

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