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Programs to warm your heart, challenge your spirit,
and encourage your soul.

Untangling the Stress Mess:

This fun-filled seminar is just what the doctor ordered! Join Ann for an enjoyable program as she presents practical ways to handle lifes stressful challenges. You will learn ways to relax, strategies for de-stressing your life, and how to deepen your walk with Christ. You'll laugh as you learn, and come away with new insights and inspiration (available on DVD and VHS). Sessions include:

1- Recognizing the Strands of Stress
2- Reweaving the Twisted Threads
3- Relaxing Your Hold
4- Resting In Jesus


Changing Your Image (three sessions):

The lady you see in the mirror is a reflection of the challenges and changes that have already come into your life. By taking a close look at her, you'll discover what she can become in days ahead. This seminar focuses on areas where you need to change and the source and strength for that change, enabling you to become all God created you to be.


Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts (three sessions):

One of the first steps in becoming all God created you to be is to recognize your purpose in life and the gifts with which God has equipped you in order to accomplish that purpose. These three sessions deal with finding your purpose, identifying your spiritual gifts, and understanding how you can use those gifts to let the image of Christ shine through you.


Pondering Your Personality (three sessions):

In His wonderful creativity, God formed and fashioned you with a personality all your own. Spend the day gaining new insight and understanding of how and why you do the things you do, as you ponder your personality. Each participant will have opportunity to complete a personality profile, and take a look at the possibilities and dangers of each of the four basic personality types.


Not My Will:

Life brings all of us some physical, mental, emotional and spiritual struggles. Learn how to accept and deal with them victoriously.These four topics can be used together as workshops for a seminar entitled Not My Will or individually for short speaking engagements:

1-When Physical Suffering Hits Home
Physical suffering is something none of us want yet almost all of us experience at some point in time. Why does it come? What can I do to cope with it when it hits me? How can I help and support someone else who is experiencing physical difficulty? These and other questions will be discussed.

2- Sometimes the Sparrow Falls
Matthew 10:29 tells us the Heavenly Father knows when even the insignificant little sparrow falls-but notice, the verse does say the sparrow falls. Be inspired and challenged as we consider biblical examples of some who fell into hard times and were upheld by the wonderful power of the Heavenly Father and as we apply their lessons to our lives.

3- Victory in the Valley
Often the first question we ask when intense difficulty comes our way is, "Why Me?" Understanding that suffering has a specific purpose and can be considered part of God's plan for our lives helps us accept and cope with it and come through these trials victoriously.

4- Helping Kids When the Family is Hurting
Often when a family is hurting, the needs of the children are unintentionally overlooked as adults attempt to deal with the problems. Parents, relatives, friends, and teachers can learn eight practical steps for helping children in a hurting family by attending this workshop.


The Emotions of a Woman:

This seminar has three sessions. Ann can add her personal testimony to make a fourth session, if desired.

1-Experiencing Emotions
Psalm 139:14 tells us we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." In this hour, we examine the way we were designed and how our body, mind and spirit are uniquely intertwined. We discuss what emotions are and how they effect us, what triggers them and which ones are most dangerousto us.

2- Understanding Emotions
Biblical examples and admonitions give us insight as we look in greater depth at what causes our emotional reactions. In this hour we zero in on feelings of anger and fear. We also discuss where our emotions can take us and how to turn them off.

3- Channeling Emotions
Emotion can be a great blessing if channeled properly. Here we consider the purpose, the plan, and the power for utilizing emotions in a positive way. By following Biblical direction we find practical steps for dealing with the emotional roller-coaster we all ride at times, and for living a balanced life.


Seasons of Friendship (two sessions):

Many women today long to have healthy friendships but do not know how to find them. Share fun and fellowship with other women as you learn what a true friendship involves and discover how you can create one. Sessions include:

1- Surveying the Seasons
In the first session, Ann shows how to look at the various types of friendships, then consider the risks and rewards of devloping those relationships. Also discussed is what to do when friendships go bad.

2- A Recipe for Friendship
Ann discusses ways to deepen already existing relationships and build new ones as she presents ways to cultivate intimacy and gives the ingredients for stirring up healthy friendships.


Encouraging One Another (three sessions):

One of the greatest gifts we can give another human being is the gift of encouragement. Sessions include:

1- Look Up! - By taking a look at those who have been there to cheer you on, you can learn what has been valuable and what has helped you. Add this insight to what God's Word has to say about affirming others and you have a strong foundation for encouraging others.

2- Listen Up! - In a relaxed and enjoyable way, Ann will teach you the basics of good communication. This plays a vital role in developing your skills as an encourager.

3- Lift Up! - A strong desire to affirm others is not enough. You have to know how. Learn practical ways to carry out Christ's mandate to care for and encourage one another, and to use your skills to reach others with His love.


A Rose in Bloom (three sessions):

Do you ever ask, "Why am I here?" "Why was I created?" "What should I be doing?" "What does God really want for my life?" By discovering your passion and purpose in living, you can answer these questions and bring your life into focus, finding more meaning and fulfillment. Learn what activities are worthwhile for use of your time, and how to say "no" to those which aren't worthwhile without feeling guilty. In the three sessions of this seminar, we search the Word of God to learn God's way of finding our own passion, purpose and peace, so that like the rose, we can bloom where God has planted us (three sessions)

If you would like to get more information about having a seminar or workshop for your church or organization, please email us through our Contact Us page, or call our office at (717) 630-2255.

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