Downloads/Church Resources

We have made several resources available for download. These resources may be especially useful for churches as information sources. The brochures and tracts are laid out so that they can be printed, folded, and displayed. These resources are copyrighted by CCES; however, please feel free to print and distribute them.

Additionally, we have created a page with resources for church websites. if your church or ministry is creating a new website or interested in improving its existing website, we have some resources available.


Puppet Scripts

Several scripts written by Dr. Shorb that can be used for churches, clubs, or at home. The scripts are written to be used with puppets or to be acted out by children.

CCES's Videos

Several of Dr. Shorb's most popular seminars have been recorded on DVD and VHS. These videos are available for purchase through our website and are a great resource for Sunday School teachers

Informational Brochures

Brochures that cover a number of topics of great interest to our clients. Some brochures are also available as informational resources covering CCES's services


Use Dr. Shorb's devotionals as tracts for your church or ministry. Tracts are formatted to be easilly printed, folded, and displayed.

Content for Your Church or Ministry's Website

Get Dr. Shorb's weekly devotional automatically updated to your website each week.
The following articles (PDFs) can be used on your website as well.
What Do You Know About Depression? PDF
What Do You Know About Childhood Depression? PDF
What Do You Know About Anxiety? PDF

The Tomb of Jesus... and Mary, and Son Joseph? PDF

The topic of Jesus's tomb has been in the media recently. CCES guest writer Rod Hemphill provides an article that can be used as a handout or placed on your church's website. Rod provides a solid, Scriptural response to these claims.

Critique of The DaVinci Code PDF

Read Rod Hemphill's critique of The DaVinci Code and download the PDF to use as a handout for your church or ministry.


Several of the devotionals from our weekly series, A Light for My Path, have been compiled into downloadable e-books. These are available in two PDF files.
Devotionals on Love PDF
Devotionals of God's Protection and Provision PDF

Why Have a Daily Quiet Time with God? PDF

Dr. Shorb provides an information-filled PDF that can be used as a handout for your church or group. The article includes tips for having a more consistent quiet time, suggested devotional resources, and a helpful place to keep track of what you are learning and experiencing in your devotionals.


Lyrics for Hymns of Praise PDF
Lyrics for Hymns of Comfort PDF


Have images of God's creation and a Scripture passage set as the wallpaper on your computer.


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