Welcome to the CCES Website

Over the years our website has grown to the point where new visitors can sometimes be confused about everything that is available. If you find yourself in this situation, this page is for you! Here we'll give you an overview of what CCES does and what is available on our website, and we'll point you in the direction to find what interests you.

What is CCES?

Christian Counseling & Educational Services was founded by Dr. Ann Shorb in 1997 to provide Biblicall-based counseling and related educational services. CCES is located in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and our team now consists of several different counselors.

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What Does CCES Offer?

The primary service of CCES is counseling. Our staff is able to help with a variety of problems, including depression, marriage and family issues, ADD and AD/HD, sexual addiction recovery, anxiety and grief, and we also offer financial coaching and premarital counseling. In addition to counseling we also have group therapy classes for a variety of different issues.

Other services from CCES include speakers for seminars and conferences. We have a number of different programs that are available.

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What Products Does CCES Sell?

We have created a number of videos that deal with issues that are important to our clients, and we also have a book of puppet scripts.

A Light for My Path Devotionals

A few years ago we started publishing a weekly devotional series, A Light for My Path. The devotionals are published on our website every Sunday and are available for free through an email subscription. The devotionals reach hundreds of readers around the world.

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What's Available on the Website

In addition to the information on our products and services, we also have a number of free resources available on our website. These resources have been made available for individuals and churches to use.

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