Products from CCES

We have produced number of DVDs to cover issues many of our clients deal with on a daily basis. These videos can be used by Sunday School classes, teaching groups, families and individuals.

In addition, we also have a book of puppet scripts that can be purchased as a download or as a paper back book. These scripts can also be acted out by children.

All of our products can be purchased via PayPal on our website. Some of the products are featured below. For more information, please see:

Preventing Burnout (DVD)Skits for Fun and Learning
This book contains 15 scripts/skits that can be acted out by children or performed by puppets. Also included are five articles to help you or your church with getting a puppet ministry started. It is available to be purchased as a PDF download, or a physical book can be purchased and shipped within the United States (a $3.95 shipping charge is added).
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Preventing Burnout (DVD)Preventing Burnout
Christians who love and want to serve their Master often have a tendency to try to do too much. Is it really better to "burn out" for God than to "rust out?" Jesus did neither during his earthy ministry. He was always "about His Father's business," but without being in a hurry and without creating stress for Himself.
This video is no longer available


Understanding and Teaching the AD/HD ChildUnderstanding and Teaching the AD/HD Child
As a teacher and also a Christian Counselor, Dr. Ann Shorb has done a lot of work with children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and other Impulse Control Disorders. In Understanding and Teaching the AD/HD Child she prepares you to help that challenging but promising young boy or girl in your home or in your classroom. God can use you to make a difference in his or her life.
This video is no longer available