What is a Therapy Class?

At CCES, a Therapy Class is more than just a support group or a therapy group. Support groups exist to give people a place to meet and connect with others dealing with their same issue. These are helpful and certainly fill a great need, but they are not intended to actually give instruction on dealing with the problem. Therapy groups provide a place for healing to begin, and may give some instruction as individuals work together to face their problem.

Our Therapy Classes Provide:

  • A place to connect with others experiencing the same problem that you are facing.
  • An opportunity to understand the dynamics of the problem. How did I get here? What contributed to this problem? How is it affecting me? How is it affecting others?
  • Clear Biblical direction for accepting your part in the problem.
  • Practical Biblical guidance for confronting and/or interacting with others when necessary.
  • Precise instruction from God’s Word on how to change the way you have been dealing with the situation.
  • Practical tips for day to day living.
  • Hope for the future based on the Word of GodTherapy Classes are an extremely cost effective way to get counseling!

Each session is 90 to 120 minutes in length--nearly twice the time of a normal counseling session for no more than half the price!

Receive a $25 discount when the cost of class is paid in full by the first session.

Therapy Classes Offered by CCES:

Please call our office (717-630-2255) for more information, dates, times and fees of any of these groups.


Led by Cindi Wilmot

Mondays 7:00—8:30 PM
October 5th to December 7th
10 Weeks (15 Therapy Hours)   Cost: $400

Each of us has the challenge of developing healthy relationships, and a major part of that is learning to establish clear and appropriate boundaries. Knowing how to set limits with others and ourselves protects us and helps us find a balanced lifestyle. This class is particularly appropriate for parents with adult children living at home, parents of teens, and those in close relationships with people suffering from any kind of addiction or mental health issue.


Boundaries in Marriage

Led by Cindi Wilmot

For most of us, developing a healthy marital relationship takes work, and knowing how to set limits with others and ourselves is a key ingredient in that process. This ten-week class is specifically designed for wives to learn how to do their part in developing a healthy lifestyle in the home. It is particularly appropriate for any woman who is in a relationship with a man who has an addiction of any kind or a mental health issue.


Anger Management

Led by Cindi Wilmot, M.A.

Wednesdays 7:00—9:00 PM
August 19th to November 11th
13 Weeks (26 Therapy Hours)   Cost: $570

Whether your anger is from tension at work, frustration at home, or just life in general, this 13-week class will help you cope with the anger that keeps you from inner peace and contentment. Whether your anger is from tension at work, frustration at home, or just life in general, this 13-week class will help you cope with the anger that keeps you from inner peace and contentment. Utilizing The Anger Workbook by Christian counselors, Les Carter & Frank Minirith, this interactive class will help you overcome anger issues in your personal life and learn to more effectively relate to others


Hope for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Based on a workbook by Cynthia Kubetin & James Mallory, MD
Led by Heather Anne Kehr

This class is designed for women who have experienced sexual abuse in their past. Women who sustain this trauma wonder if they ever can be free of the haunting memories from their past and whether they ever can feel physically, spiritually, and emotionally whole again. Let’s walk the journey together as we travel the steps towards hope and healing. Heather Anne answers some of your questions about this group.


Connecting with Your Abba Father

Led by Heather Anne Kehr, B.S.

Mondays 7:00—8:30 PM (7:00—9:00 PM for the first and last sessions)
September 14th to October 19th
6 Weeks (10 Therapy Hours)   Cost: $270

What is your God like? Is He impossible to please? Emotionally distant? Disinterested? Abusive? Unreliable? Does He abandon you when you need Him most? Developing a healthy image of God is absolutely essential to your spiritual well-being, and greatly impacts all of your relationships. In fact, it can change your life!

Connecting With Your Abba, Father is a six week therapy class designed to change or improve the way you see and relate to your Heavenly Father. In these ten hours of counseling therapy examine your current image of God, and begin to replace distorted images with Biblically accurate ones so that you can connect with Him as your Abba Father. Learn to feel the warmth of His love and the security of His embrace. Find comfort and safety in leaning on Him.


Overcoming Parenting Challenges

Led by Cindi Wilmot

Are you dealing with a child who is struggling with troublesome issues such as addiction, mental health concerns, trauma, sexuality, or chronic health problems? This six-session therapy class focuses on parental understanding of the situation and helps you gain skills to cope as a parent. Developing a helping network and time for oneself will also be addressed, with the ultimate goal of becoming a support to others in similar situations. Each session addresses some of the major concerns to today's parents and gives clear, practical Biblical direction for understanding and dealing with these issues.


Living Better with A.D.D.

Led by Dr. Ann Shorb

Thursdays 7:00—8:30 PM  
September 24th to December 10th (No meetings on October 29th and November 26th)
10 Weeks (15 Therapy Hours)   Cost: $400

Living with A.D.D. poses a struggle for thousands of adults in America. It can affect their relationships, their work, their personal feelings of confidence and contentment. In addition to providing a forum for discussion with others dealing with the same problem, this therapy group is designed to help adults with A.D.D. learn to identify the difficulties it causes and develop skills for coping with this disorder. These skills include:

  • Learning to deal with negative thoughts and low self-esteem
  • Developing structure and organizing your tasks
  • Avoiding procrastination and finishing a task
  • Managing Moods and Impulsivity
  • Enhancing memory
  • Developing better listening skills

If you are living with ADD or ADHD, this 12-week course is designed just for you!



Led by Dr. Ann Shorb

Saturdays, 9:30-11:15 AM
October 10th—November 14th
6 Weeks (10.5 Therapy Hours)   Cost: $350

KID STARS is a lively, six-session therapy group for children ages 6-12 who have Attention Deficit Disorder or other Impulse Control Problems. Dr. Ann Shorb uses cognitive and behavioral techniques to help youngsters develop strategies with which to handle these specific problems. They discover their own uniqueness as God’s special creation and learn to shine like stars. Using games, music, puppets, art, and Bible stories, Dr. Ann guides them in learning self-control, anger management, self-calming techniques, positive ways to release energy, and problem-solving skills. Each child develops a notebook containing information on these strategies which is his/hers to keep and to use in the days ahead. He/She also makes a puppet pal, and receives a KID STARS membership card and a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of the program.

Every session of KID STARS, lasting one hour and 45 minutes, has its own specific theme and goal. A summary of the lessons and home exercises are given to the parents at the end of each session. Parents, or a representative, are requested to be present at the last session. During this time Dr. Ann goes over all the material that covered during the six sessions with the children and she provides them with their own notebook of helpful information. In addition the children have a special presentation for the parents!