What to Expect from Working
with a CCES Counselor

Christian Counseling & Educational Services recognizes that each client is unique and therefore our services may vary from case to case. Below we briefly list some things that most clients can expect from our services.

1. Personal Data Inventory

To start with, each new client will be asked to complete our Personal Data Inventory (PDI). The PDI helps our counselors to better understand our clients and their specific circumstances. Information obtained through the PDI and through our counseling services is kept confidential. The PDI can either be completed online or in our office prior to the first counseling session.

2. Biblically-Based Guidance

As Christian counselors we base our services on biblical principles. Clients can expect that our guidance will give them direction that aligns with and does not contradict the Scriptures.

3. Prayer

Prayer is an important part of our ministry. Generally, our counselors pray with clients; however, clients can choose not to pray together.

4. A High Quality Service

All of our counselors are dedicated to helping our clients overcome the obstacles that they are facing. Clients can expect to receive a high quality of care from a counselor who is committed to them.

5. Experienced Counselors

All of our counselors are experienced and highly-qualified. The unique skills of each of our staff members helps us to be able to offer the best services possible.

Shedule an Appointment Today

We have a team of experienced counselors that are here to help you. Our staff has a diverse set of abilities and specialties in order to assist clients with all types of needs. To schedule an appointment or to get more information, please call our Hanover, PA office at 717.630.2255, or you can reach us via the contact form.


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