Seminars with CCES

Programs to warm your heart, challenge your spirit,
and encourage your soul.

Is your church or organization looking a professional speaker to present a seminar or conference? Dr. Ann Shorb, founder of Christian Counseling and Educational Services, has led over 1,000 creative programs for churches and community groups (her resume is available). Dr. Shorb has a number of workshops and seminars on a wide variety of topics such as depression, anger management, relationship skills, personality interactions, conflict resolution, time management and organization. In addition, if you have a topic in mind, she is able to develop a program specifically designed for you and your audience.

To see descriptions of some of the seminars that are available through CCES, please visit our Seminars Page. To get more information, please contact our office at (717) 630-2255 or use our Contact Us Page.

Please visit the "What Our Clients Say" Page to read testomonials from our clients and seminar attendees.

DVD's and VHS videos of some of Dr. Shorb's seminars are available for purchase.