Why Have a Daily Quiet Time?

Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. --James 4:8

Some call it quiet time, others daily devotions, or mediation. It really doesn’t matter what label you put on it, time spent directly communing with God through prayer and Bible reading is what it’s all about. It’s a time to seek Him, confess your sin and seek His forgiveness. It’s also a time to learn from His Word and grow in your understanding of who God is and what He wants to do in your life. It’s an opportunity to daily renew your commitment to Him and to seek His guidance. These moments will enlighten, encourage, equip and empower you like nothing else can, but the goal is not to know more about God, it’s to actually know God Himself.

The key to a joyful and meaningful spiritual life is having that close relationship with God. First you must know Him as your Savior. Then daily seek to draw close to Him. As surely as nutritious food helps the body, so a daily quiet time with the Savior feeds and nourishes the soul. It’s impossible to growth significantly without it.

But your daily quiet time is not just for you! John 4:23 reminds us that the Lord Himself desires your fellowship and delights in your worship. He longs for that one on one time with His child just as any parent would. Why not determine right now, if you haven’t already, that you will make having this special time with the Lord a daily priority?

Here’s how you can get started . . .

Set a time that works for you.

It may mean getting up a few minutes earlier in the morning, or staying up a few minutes later at night, but try to find 15 to 20 minutes of time that you will set apart to spend with God. Don’t put anything else in that time slot. You may need to set an alarm to remind you that it’s time to pull away from other things and meet with your Heavenly Father.

Select a place where you can be alone and uninterrupted.

Choose a spot that is quiet and as free from distractions as possible. Keep your Bible study materials and prayer journal in that area so you’ll have them ready for your special time.

Select devotional or study materials that are meaningful for you at that season of life.

See our recommendatiosn (below) for some ideas.

See to it that you keep your appointment with God!

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Also see How to Have a Quiet Time by Dr. Ann Shorb.
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Suggested Devotional Resources

A Word from Dr. Ann . . . .
Three years ago I picked up a copy of Daily Light at a book store. I intended to give it to a friend, but once I got home and really started reading it, I changed my mind and kept it for myself! This little book is nothing but scriptures passages woven around different themes with a reading for each morning and each evening. It has blessed my heart over and over again and has been the source of comfort and strength for me in difficult days. No matter what other devotional books I’m reading or what studies I’m doing, Daily Light is a must for me. I’m so thankful that I found it.

Although the passages are designated for each day of the year, you can pick up Daily Light and start reading at any time. You don’t have to wait until the new year to begin. If you’d like to order a copy and use it for your daily readings, you can get it from ChristianBook.com.

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685566: Daily Light on the Daily PathDaily Light on the Daily Path
By The Samuel Bagster Family / Whitaker House Publishers

Thousands have experienced the spiritual rewards of daily reading these inspiring Scripture selections. Each morning and evening devotional is designed around a biblical theme and will give you new insights into powerful spiritual truths. As you read Daily Light on the Daily Path, you will . . . Build your faith, acquire newfound wisdom, uncover deep truths of the Bible, discover new purpose for your life, find fresh insight into the promises of God, receive strength to triumph in every circumstance, and refresh yourself with daily reminders of God's love. Scripture verses are taken from the New King James Version.


2926: Renewed Day by Day: Daily DevotionalRenewed Day by Day: Daily Devotional
By A.W. Tozer / Wingspread Publishers

Faith in God is not noble, virtuous, or wishful thinking; it's simply accepting God's promises as truth, explains Tozer. In this volume of 365 devotionals, Tozer's writings have been distilled into daily readings that will enlighten your walk with the Lord, and sometimes provide a spiritual "reality check"! Indexed by topic and scriptural passage. 370 pages, softcover from Christian Publications.


21638: Pathways to His Presence: A Daily DevotionalPathways to His Presence: A Daily Devotional
By Charles F. Stanley / Nelson Books

Even more appealing than the charm of a trail through the forest, the serenity of a stroll by a river, or the inspiration of climbing a mountain path are the spiritual pathways to God's awesome presence. Pathways to His Presence reveals Dr. Charles Stanley's keen understanding of your deep longings for a clearer view of God's will for your life.

The spiritual guidelines of the Word explained in this devotional offer practical truth and inspiration for everyday living. The daily readings reveal biblical solutions to the desires and fears of those who feel they are stumbling along faintly lit paths of life.

If you're longing for the blessings God promises to those who walk with Him, Pathways to His Presence will lead you in the direction to capture them in your everyday life.


83405: Streams in the Desert: A Daily Devotional JournalStreams in the Desert: A Daily Devotional Journal
By Lettie B. (Mrs Charles) Colman / Barbour Publishing

For nearly 75 years, Christians have been encouraged and inspired by Streams in the Desert. Now you can go deeper, day by day, with this elegant journal edition. Each beautifully designed page features one day's reading from the classic devotional, plus plenty of room to record your thoughts and prayers. Bound in soft leather-look gray/gold, this deluxe edition comes boxed for gift-giving. 384 pages, from Barbour.


89144: My Utmost for His HighestMy Utmost for His Highest
By Oswald Chambers / Barbour Publishing

One of the most popular daily devotionals for over 50 years! This edition features a deluxe burgundy hardcover binding with gold stamping, with indexes to subjects and scripture references. Based on the King James Version.


008626: My Time with God for Daily Drives Volume #4 - Audiobook on CDMy Time with God for Daily Drives Volume #4 - Audiobook on CD
By Thomas Nelson

Now you can turn your daily commute into a renewing time with God. Whether you spend several hours a day in traffic or only a few minutes, the My Time with God for Daily Drives audio CD provides relief from life's traffic jams and detours.
Each daily reading is 4 minutes or less and steers your heart to God with Scripture, devotional thoughts, and inspirational closings to help you apply Scripture to daily living. It's all set to music and is the perfect way to begin or end your daily commute.
Each CD contains 20-devotions. Scripture readings in the easiest to understand translation - the New Century Version. New Testament readings with thought-provoking devotions. Application questions that help put God's truth to work in your life. Total running time for each CD: 80-minutes.


37797X: PDA Bible: Spurgeon"s Morning and Evening and KJV Daily Light DevotionalsPDA Bible: Spurgeon's Morning and Evening and KJV Daily Light Devotionals
By Olive Tree Bible Software

Charles Spurgeon's Morning & Evening and KJV Daily Light offer the user wonderful choices for their daily reading on the PDA. The following additional Bible translations are also included for further reading and study:

  • American Standard Version
  • King James Version
  • Darby Translation
  • God's Word
  • International Standard Version
  • Weymouth Translation
  • Young's Translation

You can enter a word or phrase and do a high speed search of all verses in the Bible that include that word or phrase. The split screen feature allows you to view multiple versions of the Bible at the same time for text comparison, and "verse locking" allows you to synchronize the scrolling of text windows. Selected passages can be bookmarked for quick recall later, and personal notes can be added on a verse-by-verse basis and recalled for later reference.

Also see How to Have a Quiet Time by Dr. Ann Shorb.
Download this resource as a PDF for easier printing.