Well, We Got Snow . . . Sort Of

Written by Rod Hemphill, Saturday, February 11, 2012

Well, all you outdoors people, I did all I could to make it snow. I got my bread and milk, toilet paper and gasoline. Made sure the plow and chains were mounted ok on the lawn tractor. Made sure my snow blower was gassed up, oil level ok, and the chute sprayed with WD-40. Then I checked on my new generator and its hookup in case our expected 3-5 inches of snow fall turned out to be 3-5 feet. (Why do I check 6 different weather sites on the web plus 3 more reports on TV when I don't believe them anyway?)

And finally, remembering how the snow and ice accumulated on the roof last year and tore off my rain gutter when it slid off the roof, I bought a roof rake last night which will enable me to stand on the ground and pull the snow off a 2nd story roof. I guess that will be ok since I live in single story rancher.

Having made all those preparations, I waited for the snow, eager with anticipation over the prospect of playing in all that snow. But we only got an inch. However, it's trying (weakly) to snow some more, so maybe it will snow enough tonight.

Maybe if it snows I'll stay home from church tomorrow morning and play with all my new snow toys. Oh yeah, you're right . . . I forgot --I'm the pastor. Oh well, if my sermon isn't too fiery, maybe there'll still be some snow left tomorrow afternoon.

What . . . what's that? Pray? Tell God to dump a lot of snow in our area tonight?

There's seems to something you don't understand: I just work for God. I don't tell him what to do. But keep your skis waxed. Don't put your snow gear away.

Good times will surely come again.

Now let's see . . . where did I store those snowshoes and YakTracks?