He is the Risen Christ Who Knows Us by Name!

John 20

At Easter season it is only appropriate to stop and think of the glorious story that we read in John, Chapter 20. In John 20, we find Mary, one of the followers of Jesus, going to the tomb thinking her Lord was dead and ready to anoint His body. She went early on the first day of the week, but to her surprise, the stone had been rolled away. And, instead of having to move the stone herself, or have someone move it for her, she was astounded to find that not only was the stone rolled away, but the body was gone. There in that garden Mary began to cry. She thought they had stolen the body of Jesus. Little did she know that He had been resurrected by the power of God and that He was no longer dead -He was alive!

There was a man in the garden who spoke to Mary. She thought he was the gardener when he said, "Woman, why are you crying?" "Who are you looking for?" Mary responded, "I'm looking for my Lord, if you have taken Him somewhere let me know so I can go and take care of Him." And in that moment Jesus looked at her and said her name, "Mary". And when He called her by name Mary recognized Him as the RISEN Christ. She was more than overjoyed. I am sure Mary was totally overwhelmed--not only with joy but also with amazement. But you know, it was in that personal touch when He called her by name that she found the peace.

My friend, it tells us in other parts of the book of John that Jesus likened Himself to a good shepherd who knows the name of each of his sheep. He knows those who belong to Him.

When you are feeling weary, overwhelmed, or depressed, listen for the voice of Christ and He will have YOUR name. He has that personal touch for you. He LONGS to be there for you in your moment of distress. Because He is the risen Christ - the resurrected Christ - He has all power over life and death. He can help you no matter what circumstance you're dealing with.

Easter means victory. It is the resurrection of Christ, His victory over life and death, and the power to meet your needs and mine. And, He longs to do that in each life. He longs to let us know how much He cares for us and gives us that personal touch to meet whatever need we have each day.

By Dr. Ann Shorb

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