Recommended Reading for Anger

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The Anger WorkbookThe Anger Workbook
By Les Carter / Thomas Nelson

Whether your anger is from tension at work, frustration at home, or just life in general, this workbook will help you modify the anger that keeps you from inner peace and contentment. Carter and Minirth, esteemed Christian counselors, walk you through a 13-step program of interactive exercises that will help you identify learned patterns of relating, thinking, and behaving that influence your anger.

MAke Anger Your AllyMake Anger Your Ally
By Neil Clark Warren, Ph.D. / Tyndale House

Learn how to make anger work for you rather than against you! With solid biblical principles and psychological insights, Dr. Warren shows you how to harness the energy of this powerful emotion---instead of resorting to suppression or denial. You'll discover creative and constructive ideas for coping with pain and resolving problems without aggression. 283 pages, softcover from Tyndale.

Be Angry (But Don't Blow It)Be Angry (But Don't Blow It)
By Lisa Bevere / Thomas Nelson

Are you ashamed of your anger? Bevere---who's battled cancer, an eating disorder, and tumultuous relationships---says painful feelings aren't wrong, but how we express them can be. Her scriptural prayers and personal examples will help you learn to channel passionate emotions constructively, and develop more honest relationships with God and those you love. 192 pages, softcover from Nelson.


For Parents and Those Who Work with Children

Understanding and Teaching the Angry Child (video) by Ann Shorb

The Heart of AngerThe Heart of Anger: Practical Help for the Prevention and Cure of Anger in Children
By Lou Priolo / Calvary Press

Do you have an angry child? Do you know someone who does? In today's age of rage, it's critical that you recognize and address this concern before a child becomes habitually motivated by hostility. Priolo, an experienced counselor, offers practical, biblically based help for correcting or preventing the development of unhealthy external behavior.

The Heart of Anger WorkbookThe Heart of Anger Workbook
By Calvary Press

This is the companion workbook to one of the most important Christian books every published: The Heart of Anger. The book itself started a revolution in the realm of Christian counseling. Rather than dealing with simply behavior patterns, it went right to the "heart" of the matter: the inner workings of our motives and behavior in the light of God's word. It examined not just how to control anger in children, but why children are angry and, moreover, how adults at times contribute to that anger. In doing so, it also addressed the anger found in adult behavior that is passed on to children. This long-awaited workbook acts as a resource to get you to think through these issues in conjunction with the book. If you've never read the book, order a copy now! If you have the book, the workbook is a must, and makes for an excellent small group Bible study!

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