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The Search for Significance


The Search for SignificanceThe Search for Significance Devotional Journal: A 10-week Journey to Discovering Your True Worth
By Robert S. McGee / Thomas Nelson

Where do you find your self-esteem---in a performance appraisal at work? Reflected in the eyes of others? In material things? Embark on this 60-day journey of reflection, discovery, and victory and learn how to implement the principles of McGee's bestseller. You'll unearth the source of true self-worth, freedom, and joy! 181 pages.


The Search for SignificanceThe Search for Significance: Getting a Glimpse of Your True Worth Through God's Eyes (Revised)
By Robert S. McGee / Thomas Nelson

Now updated! Join the millions who've benefited from the classic that Billy Graham said "should be read by every Christian." Learn how to see your worth through God's eyes, step off the "performance treadmill," and discover, through insightful self-inventory exercises, how four false beliefs have kept you from the joy of abundant life in Christ. 352 pages, softcover from Nelson.


The Search for SignificanceThe Search for Significance Student Edition
By Robert S. McGee / Thomas Nelson

Updated for a new generation! Teach your young people that self-worth is not based on their accomplishments or the opinion of others but on God's love. McGee's life-changing classic will show teens how to stop looking for affection and affirmation in all the wrong places and start enjoying the self-confidence that comes with freedom in Christ. Paperback.


The Search For Significance, 2 Pack (Book and Devotional Journal)
By Thomas Nelson

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