You Know that I Love You

John 21:17
Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You.

Currently I’m doing pre-marital counseling with several young couples. Each time they come in, I can see the love in their eyes and feel the romance in the air. That’s quite a switch from many of the couples who come to me for counseling!  

Last week I asked one of these young ladies, “What does he do to show you that he loves you?” She quickly named several things that meant a lot to her. It was obvious that her fiancé was doing a great job of letting her know how much he cared for her. Later that evening before going to bed, I read from Daily Light, John 21:17, “Lord You know all things; You know that I love You.” Then I asked myself, Is my love for my Savior as obvious to Him as that young man’s love is to his bride?

Christian counselor, Dr. Gary Chapman has written extensively on the ways to communicate your love to others, and how to hear and understand God’s messages of love to you. In his delightful books, The Five Love Languages, Dr. Chapman points out that we communicate that we care with words, gifts, time, touch and acts of service.

The problem in human relationships is that people can’t always “hear” what I am saying through my words, gifts, time, touch, or acts of service. Sometimes I fail to communicate it properly. Sometimes because of their own hurts or inability to recognize my efforts, my attempts to communicate that I care go unnoticed or are misconstrued. Not so with God. He hears and sees every thought, word, and action that I speak — and what tells Him if I really love Him is the attitude of my heart. Truly, He knows all things. Does He know that I love Him? Does my life demonstrate that to Him unquestionably?

Sweet Jesus, how I love You!  I adore You and pray that my life will be lived in such a way that You will always know that I love You, and that others will recognize that love relationship as well. 

By Ann Shorb
©Copyright Ann Shorb, 2006

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